Costa Lab at UCSC.     Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.     Institute of Marine Sciences, Long Marine Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz

The Dan Costa Lab at UCSC is a marine mammal and seabird research organization that specializes in animal tracking, enviromental monitoring, and physiological study through use of electronic tracking and recording tags deployed on ocean going animals.

Animals are tagged with electronic instruments by field workers, and their ocean migrations are tracked via satellite, while enviromental conditions (temperature, pressure/depth, light, water salinity, etc.), and sometimes animal physiological parameters( heart rate and stomach temperature) are recorded during the migrations. The data from these recordings are used for a number of scientific research angles, including:

  • Physical oceanography
  • Animal behavior
  • Marine ecology and biological oceanography
  • Animal physiology

The data produced by the tags are very voluminous and reach with detail.

Marine Mammal and Bird Electronic Tag Deployment Application allows for entry and browsing of the metadata associated with each tag deployment.

The Application consists of two parts: Administrator and Entry Form.

The Administrator allows to enter and to modify such existing information, as users and their contact information,lists of animal species, tag models, drug types, typical locations, etc.

Animal sighting data for each individual animal entered usind the Entry Form.

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